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The New York Table Tennis Club located at 35-26 Prince Street, Tel (718)359-3272, in the heart of downtown Flushing, NY. It has been a magnet for table tennis enthusiasts since 1995. This great location lends itself to an evening (or afternoon) of play usually followed by an authentically cooked Chinese meal, as well as Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, or simply fried chicken and pizza, at the many restaurants within its vicinity. You may also indulge yourself in the gym, billiard room cross the street.

The superior public transportation to the Club makes it so geographically convenient next to none. Buses, subway and highway are around the corner, and the Club provides free parking every day after 7:00pm, all day on Sunday.

The club is run by Hui Yuan Liu, euphemistically known as Coach Liu. Coach Liu takes the game seriously, attracting many high caliber players, including the legendary Alex Tam, one of the best players in the world during his heyday. What makes the New York Table Tennis Club special is that not all players are top rated but all who utilize the club (including non-members) are treated as if they are.

If you want to elevate your game you might want to become a student of Coach Liu¡¦s. Coach Liu offers world-class training for a very reasonable price. Attesting to his coaching ability is Deng Yaping, a former student and a world woman¡¦s champion for a number of years. Of course not all players are destined to become world champions but whether you are six or sixty he patiently offers advice on how to better your game.

Facilities and Business Hours

The Club is 2500 square feet with bright lights over the tables. The wooden floor brings no burden to the knee joints even if you move back and forth. There are seven top-qualities, international standard ping-pong tables with name brands such as Butterfly, Joola, etc.

There are also lockers for the members to store their ping pong shoes, paddles or clothing.

The club is open 7 days a week all year around. Fees are reasonable (please click Fees and Business hours from home page for details).

Club Members

There are about 50-60 members with loyalty to the Club. Despite of their gender, countries of origin, color of skin, and type of career, they are united in the club by being keen to this sport. Among them is successful business man who is one of the top 50 richest Asians in the States, the Senior Chief General from the NY Police Department, doctors, nurses, colleague professors, accountants, bankers, lawyers, IT technicians, programmers, restaurant owners, students of all grades, etc. etc. They play together with a spirit of amicable competition. There are often serious discussions on how to improve and to compete with each other, under the guidance of the Coaches. Even family life, working experiences are common topics by the tables, as well as birthday parties!

The Club motto and objective is: ¡§To make friends in the silver ping pong ball!¡¨ We mean it!

Club Coaches and Members

There are four coaches in the Club. They have professional coaching skills and were professional players. Please refer to ¡§Coach Profile¡¨ on the home page.

The Club maintains at least 20 or more players whose USATT ratings are over 1800 or more. Among them are the 2010 National Men¡¦s Single Champion Michael Landers, 2010 National Men¡¦s Team member Shao Yu, as well as Isabella Chen, Stephanie Shih, who were members of the U.S. National Girls Cadet and Youth Team.

A number of young players from the Club were elected and competed into their university teams, at for example Cornell University, Princeton University, Columbia University, MIT, State University of Pennsylvania, City College of NY at Hunters, etc. etc. They are our pride and glorious.

Welcome everybody to New York Table Tennis Club!

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